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RSD 118.150
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi3200 Contrast ratio10000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outVGA, RCA, USB, RJ-45, Audio out (mini jack), Audio In (Mini Jack), RS-232, 2 x HDMI
RSD 147.730
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi3000 Contrast ratio2000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outAudio out (mini jack), vga out dsub 15 pin, Audio In (Mini Jack), HDMI, USB, RCA, RS-232, VGA in (d-sub 15 pin), RJ-45
RSD 169.830
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi5200 Contrast ratio30000:1 TehnologijaDLP Video outHDMI, vga out dsub 15 pin, Audio out (mini jack), VGA in (d-sub 15 pin), Audio In (Mini Jack), USB, RS-232, RJ-45, RCA
Save 5%
RSD 196.200
RSD 185.830
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi3000 Contrast ratio10000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outAudio In (Mini Jack), 2 x HDMI, RCA, VGA, RJ-45, USB, RS-232, Audio out (mini jack)
RSD 273.830
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi5000 Contrast ratio16000:1 TehnologijaWXGA
Save 8%
RSD 350.800
RSD 322.830
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi3300 Contrast ratio500000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outVGA in (d-sub 15 pin), HDMI, RS-232, RCA, RJ-45, Audio In (Mini Jack), 2x USB, vga out dsub 15 pin, Audio out (mini jack)
RSD 399.330
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi4200 Contrast ratio500000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outRJ-45, HDMI, Audio Out (Mini Jack) VGA Out (Dsub-15pin), Audio out (mini jack), vga out dsub 15 pin, 3xUSB, VGA in (d-sub 15 pin), RS-232
RSD 552.330
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi5000 Contrast ratio20000:1 TehnologijaDLP Video outRS-232, RJ-45, RCA, audio in/out rca, vga out dsub 15 pin, 3xHDMI, VGA in (d-sub 15 pin), USB
Besplatna dostava
RSD 900.830
Kupi 1-Klikom
ANSi5500 Contrast ratio3000:1 TehnologijaLCD (3-chip) Video outRJ-45, RS-232, 2 x HDMI, USB, D-Sub 15pin, bnc, RCA
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